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Latest Released Online Quizzes and Speed Test

Quiz NameCategorySub- CategoryTotal QuestionStart/PlayDownload PDF
Core Java Programming Basics Quiz-4core-javabasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Core Java Programming Basics Quiz-3core-javabasics10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Core Java Programming Misc Quiz-2core-javamiscellaneous10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Core Java Programming Misc Quiz-1core-javamiscellaneous10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-10computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-9computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-8computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-7computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-6computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-5computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-4computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-3computerbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-2computerbasics10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Computer Basics Quiz-1computerbasics10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Reasoning Syllogism Quiz-2aptitudereasoning10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Reasoning Syllogism Quiz-1aptitudereasoning10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Arrays Basics Quiz-2arraysbasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Arrays Basics Quiz-1arraysbasics10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Exception Handling Quiz-1core-javaexception-handling10Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Core Java Programming Basics Quiz-2core-javabasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF
Core Java Programming Basics Quiz-1core-javabasics15Start/PlayDownload in PDF